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I'll take care of all the technical aspects of production working with you to execute your vision. In post-production we’ll continue to collaborate as we edit, color correct, mix and compress your video on time and on budget. People are going to want to see this.

Motion Graphics

One of the coolest ways to tell your story is by letting the words and graphics do all the heavy lifting. Animated titles, credits, text blocks, and other design elements produce a unique versatile piece that ensures maximum impact and ROI. Yes... I said ROI.

Web Design and Development


Creating fantastic design for the printed or electronic page has never been more crucial for the success of your business. I'll supply the design, production, and illustration expertise; you bring the idea. We’ll also supply beer.

Of course, a site has to do more than look great. Under the hood, it has to purr. Fortunately, we develop in standards-compliant modern code that’s responsive, maintainable, and high-performance on front-end.

Branding and Logo Design​


You can see it in your head. It’s the calling card and heart of your brand. I'll take that idea out of your head and create the brand identity you’ve been dreaming of. Perfect for all types of collateral from business cards to those weird flashlights with a whistle on them. Let’s do this.



It’s time to retire the clip art and super charge your graphical needs with custom-designed vector-based illustrations. It’s time.

Print and digital everything​


This could easily by classified as “misc. graphical needs,” but that doesn’t do justice to all the posters, typography, event collateral, and other sweet design projects I'd love to create with you. The only bad ideas are the ones that go unvoiced. I read that on a bumper sticker.

By the way, I also design bumper stickers.

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